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Welcome to the Aquatic Experience - Chicago

November 7-9, 2014


Aquatic Experience – Chicago is the first show in our industry’s history to combine everything aquatic under one roof taking place at Schaumburg Convention Center.   From saltwater to freshwater with pond and aquatic animals, we’ll have it all.  Consumers and retailers are invited to join us for educational seminars and a thriving show floor filled with hobbyists from entry level to the most sophisticated aquarium keepers as well as livestock and equipment experts and the industries best and trend setting manufacturers.  Add in a bevy of high powered speakers you’ve heard of and read articles from but have not had the chance to meet in person and you’ve got a “must see” for any aquarist no matter what their experience level.

Highlights from the 2013 Event:


Courtesy of Zeb Hogan

Courtesy of Zeb Hogan

Keynote and Banquet
Aquatic Ecologist Zeb Hogan, host of National Geographic’s hit show Monster Fish to be the keynote speaker. He will speak on his travels to the most endangered areas of the world, and share his many experiences working with researchers, fisherman, enthusiasts and eccentrics in his search to find some of the strangest fish in the world.

Education Seminars
The educational programming at Aquatic Experience is intended to address both the retailing and hobbyist aquarist.  These seminars range from addressing intermediate level information to advanced issues. Please fee review the seminar overviews and speaker bios.


Courtesy of David Musselman

Courtesy of David Musselman

Live Shark Encounter

One look into the eyes of a live shark and you will experience the  heart pounding “awe and fascination” that sharks elicit. Sharks have captured our imaginations for thousands of years, stirring the fears and fascination of ocean goers and scientists alike. Their legacy has been as misunderstood as it has been “old and bloody”. Now more than ever, the importance of understanding this fascinating species is critical for its survival.

Kid’s Aquarium Contest
Kid’s Aquarium Contest is a captivating learning program designed to teach children about the environment, stimulate their minds, ignite their creativity and warm their hearts through the rewards of pet care.  Due to high demand we’ve opened more spaces for our Kid’s Aquarium Contest! Sign up by Friday to participate.

Dry Goods Raffle
A dry goods raffle will take place each day at the close of the show.  Raffle tickets will be available on-site to participate in the raffle.  Click here for more information.

Aquatic Experience – Chicago is proudly produced by World Pet Association (WPA), presenter of SuperZoo – The National Show for Pet Retailers and America’s Family Pet Expo, an industry leading consumer event.

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