Seminar Highlight: Live Aquascaping with Oliver Knott

Oliver KnottOliver Knott, an internationally renowned live aquascaper and German aquarium designer will be presenting a special program demonstrating step-by-step live aquascaping at the Aquatic Experience Expo in Chicago.  This will be the first time Knott will present his techniques in front of a live audience in the United States. Knott’s presentation will include a complete tutorial on using natural decoration, gravel, and aquatic plants to set up and hardscape (landscape under water) in a complete 200-liter tank.

As a life-long lover of pet stores, Knott has built his knowledge through first-hand experience. He began as a teenager working in local pet retail stores and gradually built his own company that concentrated on setting up aquariums for small businesses and clients. Through these experiences, Knott has collected years of knowledge that has lead to expertise in the design of healthy fish tanks. His current business as a live aquascaper brings him around the globe to showcase and inspire people about how to plant beautiful tropical fresh water aquariums.