The Aquatic Experience Speaker Highlight: Julian Sprung on Zoanthids

Julian Sprung on Zoanthids: Hardy, Beautiful, and Sometimes Deadly. What Aquarists Should Know About This Group

zoanthids-corals-low-resThis year at The Aquatic Experience Expo, Julian Sprung of Two Little Fishies, Inc., and renowned co-author of The Reef Aquarium book series, will be presenting a fascinating talk on one of the most popular reef creatures, zoanthids. This group of coral-like animals are frequently farmed, fragged, collected, sold, and traded within the reef aquarium hobby and Sprung will provide a plethora of essential information about them, including the considerable dangers of keeping some of these small creatures.

“Most reef aquarists are aware that some degree of danger is associated with the keeping of zoanthids and of the genus Palythoa in particular. Internet forums, aquarium literature, and scientific literature contain a substantial body of information and historical references about the toxicity of zoanthids but the subject is hardly considered at the retail or wholesale level in the trade. My talk will bring up reasons why some considerations should be made at both levels as I share my unexpected first-hand experience.”

Additionally Sprung will discuss proper identification matters to understand different distinguishing methods to separate the different types of zoanthids. A not-to-be-missed event! Stay tuned to The Aquatic Experience’s schedule for more information pertaining to this exciting event.