Speaker Spotlight: Heiko Bleher

Heiko Bleher’s lectures and seminars take him around the world to deliver talks to aquarium enthusiasts. He specializes in biotope aquariums, aquascaping and fish judging. Each year he edits numerous publications including the International Journal of Ichthyology and DISCUSBOOK, a magazine dedicated to the Amazon region.  Bleher travels yearly to the Amazon region and provides updates on ornamental Discus fish.

Heiko Bleher’s educational sessions at the Aquatic Experience include:

  • Lost Aquatic Habitats Around the World- Two Decades of Proof” – A shocking look at aquatics habitats around the world and the dramatic changes that have occurred over the past 20 years. What the ramifications for the aquatics industry are and pathways to future success.
  • “New Discoveries from West Papua, Iran, Argentina, Vietnam, Laos and Palau” – In this session Heiko will showcase new Rainbowfishes, Blue-eyes, gobies, cichlids, tetras, loaches and underwater plants from his latest expeditions.