October 19-21, 2018 | Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

Speaker Spotlight: Greg Lewbart

Greg is a Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. He is a diplomate of the American and European Colleges of Zoological Medicine and an author on over 100 scientific articles, four books, and approximately 25 book chapters about invertebrates, fishes, amphibians and reptiles.

George Lewbart’s educational sessions at the Aquatic Experience include:

Friday Fish Health Management Course – “Principal Diseases of Freshwater and Marine Fish”  This lecture will cover the principal infectious diseases of freshwater and marine fish.  Topics will include how to prevent the development and introduction of diseases to aquatic systems, role of quarantine, learning how to recognize the signs of various diseases prior to initiating chemical treatments and use of a microscope to identify disease organisms.

Friday Fish Health Management Course – “Chemotherapeutic Approaches for the control of Fish Diseases”  This presentation covers the proper selection and use of various chemotherapeutics for the treatment of various fish diseases. Topics included selection the appropriate medication, various dosing routes including bath, dips, oral and injection; treatment dosage calculations, treatment frequency, and safety guidelines for use of medications.

Speaker Spotlight: Lynn Switanowski

Lynn Switanowski, President of Creative Business Consulting Group, (CBCG) an International Retail Consulting firm, partners with retailers and e-tailers and manufacturers to create and implement sales, marketing and inventory management strategies. CBCG helps retailers understand the changing consumer trends and helps business owner’s harness the power of new media and marketing tools to connect with today’s “wired” consumers. Lynn speaks frequently at trade shows and teaches retail marketing and branding at several colleges in the Boston area.

Lynn Switanowski’s educational sessions at the Aquatic Experience include:

“Social Media: The Question Isn’t Can You, It’s Will You

Are you using social media effectively to grow your aquatic business?
• What does your aquatic business look like to your customers on social media?
• Do you post 2-3 times per day?
• Do you connect with customers via engaging posts, contests, coupons, surveys, education tips and product information?
If not, this session is for you. This seminar will give you tips and tactics to create social media posts that professionally convey the personality of your business.
Attendees will learn:
• How to engage your customers on a regular basis using the 3 keys to creating great social media content
• How to create content that is shared, liked and commented on regularly by using video, pictures and more
• When to use humor and product knowledge to create social media posts that will engage your customers on a regular basis

“Manage Your Inventory and Make More Money for your Aquatic Business

Do you want to increase sales and learn how to consistently maximize your inventory performance? If so, this seminar is for you.  We will review how to analyze your inventory and turn it into a key strategic weapon for your retail success.
You’ll learn how to:
• Minimize your inventory investment while increasing inventory turnover
• Make best sellers even more profitable and how to liquidate slow sellers more efficiently
• Create a proactive emphasis on inventory and learn how to minimize stock outs and capitalize on all sales opportunities

“Social Media Advertising: Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to Make your Fans Click and Buy”

Acquire knowledge to create social media ads and see examples of ads that are effective in getting customers to like, share, comment and buy at a moment’s notice.  Learn how to use Facebook and Instagram tracking and demographic insights to determine which of your posts are the most effective for engaging customers.  Learn step-by-step how to create ads and see examples of ads that are effective in getting customers to like, share, comment and buy at a moment’s notice.  Attending this session will help your business create social media ads where you can meet your businesses’ next customers at the click of a mouse!

Speaker Spotlight: Patrick Tawil

For nearly 40 years Patrick Tawil has been fond of African cichlids, especially those from lakes Tanganyika and Malawi.  He has observed and photographed almost all species available for the aquarium trade. His main interest centers around relationships and differences between species and genera, thus their evolution and taxonomy. Patrick shares his observations in publications and talks worldwide.

Patrick Tawil’s educational session at the Aquatic Experience is “Lamprologine Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika.”  Patrick will present his knowledge of Peacock Cichlids (Aulonocara sp.) of Lake Malawi, and why they are the most sought after by aquarists. Various species of Peacock Cichlids will be discussed – from the most popular varieties to their numerous relatives.



Speaker Spotlight: Mike Paletta

Michael Paletta has been keeping reef tanks for over 30 years, keeping just about every type of fish and coral during that time. In addition to the two books he has written he has also written over 300 articles, given over 200 talks and done 30 videos covering all different aspects of the hobby.

Mike Paletta’s educational session at the Aquatic Experience is “Common Sense and Controversies in the Hobby.” In this seminar, Paletta will try to show some of the common sense practices that can help lead to long-term success in the hobby. Topics such as lighting, water testing, water changes and the high cost of some aspects of the hobby will be discussed.

Speaker Spotlight: George Blasiola

George Blasiola, B.S, M.A., a specialist in fish biology, was formerly with the Steinhart Aquarium as an aquatic biologist and various industry companies including Kordon and Wardley. Blasiola has published more than 100 articles in the USA and Europe on fish health, pond management and fish biology. He has lectured at the University of Georgia’s Fish Health Workshop, the North Carolina State University’s Fish Management Course and various trade shows and professional meetings. He is the author of Barron’s New Marine Aquarium Handbook, Koi: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual and the owner/consultant of Aqua-Sphere Research.

George Blasiola will be speaking at the Aquatic Experience‘s Friday Fish Health Management Course  on “Aquatic Nutrition Principles and Practices.”  This lecture covers basic nutrition principles and practices for freshwater and marine fish in aquatic systems.  Balanced diets are essential for the health, growth and longevity of fish in aquaria.  Topics covered will be the types of nutrients required by fish, utilization of nutrients, optimal protein requirements, comparisons of types of foods such as prepared, frozen, and fresh, pros and cons of various foods, benefits of vitamins and essential oils in diets, and implementing healthy feeding guidelines.