October 12-13, 2019 | Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

OASE at Aquatic Experience

Come see OASE’s complete line of Indoor Aquatics products at the Aquatic Experience

OASE Living Water is excited to showcase its North American Indoor Aquatics line at the Aquatic Experience this month, from our Thermo Filters to our line of biOrb aquariums and decor!  The range of products on display at the show is sure to draw in the attention of all levels of aquarist – from the beginner to the professional hobbyist.

OASE’s Indoor Aquatics line of products, includes filtration, pumps, heaters, and more and are all backed by German engineering.  These items have previously been available in Europe for professional, hobbyists, and beginners alike and have been recently introduced into the North America market.

“We believe that aquarium owners want to focus on the beauty of their aquarium and not on high levels of maintenance. This approach is central to our concept for Indoor Aquatics and our customer’s around the world are really impressed with the results,” James Knight, the Global Indoor Aquatics Category Manager for OASE remarks. “We are very excited to introduce the same experience to North America so that aquarists everywhere can find that same joy.”

The Indoor Aquatics line features a robust line of internal and external heated aquarium filter options for marine, tropical, and cold water. A key feature that is unique to the OASE line are the Thermo options, which have heaters integrated into the filters.  No longer do hobbyists need to see heaters creating visual distractions in their aquascapes and aquarium habitats. Integrated heaters can easily be adjusted, while keeping hands dry, on any of the Thermo Filters by utilizing the control system to provide uniform water temperature throughout the aquarium.  Creating the ideal aquatic environment is simpler than ever with the filtration and water temperature needs accounted for in one product.

Furthermore, in 2016 the biOrb suite of products found a new home with OASE Indoor Aquatics and now biOrb by OASE touts a diverse offering of indoor aquatics solutions for the newcomer to fishkeeping, allowing the hobby to be accessible to everyone. The additional line offers all-in-one aquarium sets that range from 360-degree cylinder designs to the 2018 award-winning CUBE. biOrb aquariums are enhanced with multi-color remote control lighting and can be decorated with the seemingly endless array of vibrant, artist-designed aquarium sculptures, plants, and décor. Additionally, biOrb by OASE offers specially designed maintenance product to service your biOrb’s every need.

To explore OASE’s broad range of Indoor Aquatics offerings for North America, including the Thermo Filters and the award-winning biOrb CUBE aquarium, please visit us at booth 539 at the Aquatic Experience, this weekend, Oct 19-21, in Secaucus, NJ.


Vivariums In The Mist: Bringing a Slice of the Jungle to Homes and Businesses

The Aquatic Experience is excited to present Vivariums In The Mist, an innovative New York-based company specializing in custom vivariums, terrariums, paludariums, planted displays, and supplies. With unique specialties such as poison dart frog vivariums and bioactive enclosures, the company’s mission is to bring a piece of the jungle to customers’ homes or places of business. In addition, Vivariums In The Mist is an experienced vendor of tropical plants—including bromeliads, orchids, and much more—as well as over 20 species of isopods and springtails for customers seeking bioactive benefits. The company is also an authorized dealer of several brands, including Biopod, EcoTech Marine, Zoo Med, Exo-Terra, MistKing, Repashy, and Andy’s Orchids.

Vivariums and terrariums serve as tranquil, mesmerizing displays in numerous contexts, such as homes, offices, schools, hotels, and medical office waiting rooms. They offer the benefits of aquariums, but require minimal maintenance and are far more cost-effective. At the Vivariums In The Mist showroom—conveniently located at the border of Long Island and Queens—customers can view nine planted vivariums, which range in size from 20 gallons to a staggering 210 gallons! The showroom was recently renovated and expanded to include plant rooms and a microfauna. In addition to the items on display at the showroom, Vivariums In The Mist works closely with customers to design unique, customized habitats.

For Paul Demas, owner of Vivariums In The Mist, a passion for frogs and other herptiles (“herps”) was sparked during family vacations to New York’s picturesque Catskill Mountains when he was a child. Paul and his brother enjoyed spending their days catching frogs, fish, turtles, newts, and even snakes. Paul built his first pond using a kiddie pool buried in the ground—but this soon expanded to a custom cement pond that spanned nearly the full width of his family’s backyard. By striving to replicate the flora of his creatures’ natural environments, he was able to create an oasis in which frogs and other herps were thriving and breeding each year. He was also fascinated by a wide variety of plants and their miniature eco-systems. These hobbies, as well as Paul’s professional experience in appliance repair and pet product sales and manufacturing, laid the foundation of his talent for terrarium and vivarium building. In fact, products that he developed when working for a major pet product manufacturer won awards in the New Reptile Product category at the Global Pet Expo, the largest pet industry trade show in the country.

Additionally, Paul’s articles on topics related to aquariums and reptiles have been published in a variety of magazines, including Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Aquarium Fish International. His article, “The Great Vivarium Build of 2012,” was the catalyst for Vivariums In The Mist after it appeared in Reptiles Magazine and yielded a cascade of support, questions, and requests for custom vivariums from readers.

The Vivariums In The Mist team is looking forward to showcasing their unique products at the Aquatic Experience, Booth #611! For more information, visit http://www.vivariumsinthemist.com.

Fish Surgery

Interested in learning more about fish surgery? Dr. Jesse Sanders, DVM, CertAqV and owner and chief veterinarian of Aquatic Veterinary Services, an all-aquatic private practice in California, will be presenting “Fish Surgery” as an educational seminar at the Aquatic Experience! While surgery on a fish may sound odd, in the scope of fish care and keeping, surgical intervention is sometimes required to improve fish health and quality of life. With a few adaptations from their fluffy pet counterparts, fish can receive multiple surgical treatment options with minimal pain and suffering. Learn more by attending her seminar!

And for a little preview, watch these videos of Dr. Sanders performing surgeries:

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Live Aquascaping with George Farmer

The art of aquascaping is mesmerizing to watch, especially when it’s done by internationally renowned UK Aquascaper, George Farmer! At the Aquatic Experience in his educational seminarLive Aquascaping with George Farmer,” George will demonstrate live how to create a classic Nature Aquarium using natural materials and live plants in a 36” (90cm) high-end aquarium.

The term Nature Aquarium was created by the late, great Takashi Amano. It’s a style of aquascape that is has a huge following with hobbyists and professionals the world over. George will explain the whole process from equipment choice to hardscape and plant selection and composition. The whole set-up will then be raffled off as a prize to a lucky attendee!  Be sure to attend his seminar, “

George, a contributor to Practical Fishkeeping magazine as their planted aquarium expert and co-founded the UK Aquatic Plant Society, is a regular judge for aquascaping contests, gives workshops all over Europe, has appeared on TV and radio shows, and consults with various aquatic retailers and companies. To see more of his work, follow him on his social media platforms:


You Tube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC210QPUiYoCjm9IEuu5SHLQ

Instagram: @georgefarmerstudios 



Kid’s Aquarium Contest

Have you thought about enrolling your kids in the Aquatic Experience‘s Kid’s Aquarium Contest?  If you haven’t, you should! The Kid’s Aquarium Contest, sponsored by Tetra and Marineland, is a great way for your kids to use their creativity to learn about the aquatic environment as well as the responsibilities and rewards of pet care.

The contest, open to children from the ages 5 to 16, is an ideal opportunity that allows kids to let their imagination soar as they design their own underwater environment! Each contestant will design an aquarium that reflects the child’s personality, hobbies and dreams…his or her imagination is the limit! The contestant will provide the decorations and fish, but will receive a ten gallon freshwater aquarium kit, complete with a filter, lighting, heater, thermometer, and net, to keep!

Registrants will conceptualize their aquariums at home, but when they get to the Aquatic Experience , they will receive their aquarium. Pet experts will then teach the registrants how to prepare their personalized habitat and how to care for the fish.

The creations will be on display throughout the event.  Judges will award a first, second and third place winner for each age group (Group I  –  ages 5- 8, Group II  –  ages 9-12, and Group III  –  ages 13- 16) and also for the Natural, Creative and Themed Categories.  One aquarium within the Natural, Creative and Themed categories will be awarded the Sponsor Sweepstakes Award.  All children will be honored with a participation ribbon and the rewards of responsible pet ownership.

The Kid’s Aquarium Contest was specifically designed to be a fun, creative experience for kids in which they can learn about the aquatic environment, stimulate their minds, and warm their hearts to the rewards of pet care. Space is limited, so sign up your kids for this fun and educational opportunity today!

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