Kid’s Aquarium Contest is a captivating learning program designed to teach children about the freshwater environment, stimulate their minds, ignite their creativity and warm their hearts through the rewards of pet care.

Sponsored by Seachem & Tetra

The first building block of the Kid’s Aquarium Contest is CREATIVITY. The children are challenged to design a fish freshwater aquarium that reflects their personality or showcases their favorite hobby. Pirates of the Caribbean, a baseball field and outer space adventures are a few that have received top ranks. Ten gallon aquarium kits complete with a filter, lighting, heater, thermometer and net are donated and sponsored for each entrant by aquatic companies.

When the children arrive at Aquatic Experience we ignite the second element within this learning program – RESPONSIBILITY. The Aquatic Experience team members assist the children as they prepare a personalized habitat for their fish. Our aquatic experts explain the basic care guidelines and empower each child to become a responsible pet owner.

The Kid’s Aquarium Contest not only enhances their understanding of aquatic care, it also teaches them the importance of a balanced ecosystem by understanding what factors are essential for a healthy fish environment. Those similar lessons can be applied to their own environment. Correlating a fun animal experience with the ENVIRONMENT is another benefit of this program.

Children from the ages 5 to16 are encouraged to join the competition. Aquariums will be lined up spotlighting the children’s creations. This healthy form of competition is a rewarding way to develop their SELF ESTEEM. Every contestant is rewarded in many ways – ribbons are given to all the children, each tank creation is theirs to keep and the pride of being an active citizen in community events will reward them for a lifetime. Sign up here.

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