October 12-13, 2019 | Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

Speaker Highlight Bob Fenner: Setting Up Your Home Aquarium

Bob FennerBob Fenner has over 30 years of experience within the aquatic industries in the U.S., Japan, and the Philippines. He has spent an equal amount of time writing about the aquatics industry and the diving hobby. As an avid fish enthusiast, Fenner has nurtured his fascination through penning several books: The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Common Sense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists,  Fishwatcher’s Guide to the Tropical Marine Aquarium Fishes of the World, and Natural Marine Aquarium Reef Invertebrates. 

Fenner has dedicated his life to the field of ornamental aquatics. At this year’s Aquatic Experience Expo, he will give a presentation on aspects of engineering, designing, and setting up aquarium systems. He will also cover acclimation of livestock, proper nutrition, reproductive habits, and diseases. By sharing his experience and knowledge, Fenner ‘s goal is to provide the public with information on setting up successful aquariums. He is excited to share his love and passion of observing the underwater world in a home setting.


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