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Vendor Highlight: Segrest Farms

Segrest Farms, founded in 1961, began as a modest tropical fish farm in Florida with 16 aquariums. Through years of hard work, conscientiousness, and determination, our goal to supply quality service and dependability to our customer’s has made us the industry’s leader in wholesale aquatics including the world’s largest wholesale ornamental fish distributor in the country.

segrestlogoEach week, we supply over 1,000 pet shops, public aquariums, and research institutions with wholesale freshwater tropical and coldwater aquarium fish, GLOFISH, saltwater fish and invertebrates, marine corals and live rock, aquatic plants, amphibians, reptiles, small animals, and live food.

From our home base in Gibsonton, Florida, we receive imports from over 25 countries in addition to the thousands of fish we farm on location. By continually traveling the world to work with the best suppliers of captive bred and sustainably collected aquatic specimens, we seek to maintain the highest quality of any tropical fish distributor in the Western Hemisphere.

Our promise to continually look for new and better ways to service our customers and our confidence in the quality wholesale freshwater and marine aquarium livestock we provide make Segrest Farms the best and most obvious choice as your aquatic livestock supplier.


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