October 12-13, 2019 | Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

What to get an aquatic enthusiast for Christmas

Did you come to the Aquatic Experience-Chicago this year and get totally inspired by all of those fish? With the holiday season approaching, why not give yourself and your family a gift that actually keeps on giving. You guessed it; we are talking about an aquarium! Aquariums are wonderful additions to a home that offer creative and learning opportunities to every member of the family. Whether it is the fish that swim in the aquarium, the plants that live with them, or the stones and other ornamentals that give it personality that you are interested in, aquariums have something for everyone.


Aside from being aesthetically beautiful and fun to observe, aquariums are also great ways to instill lessons about responsibility and problem solving in those young people in the family. A healthy aquarium requires regular and thorough upkeep including care of the living inhabitants. They also require regular observation to be able to identify any irregularities that might affect the health of the fish or the cleanliness of the tank. Being able to notice when a usually chipper and zippy inhabitant is acting slow and sluggish is important for making early diagnosis of issues that can be addressed and fixed.


Photo Courtesy of Aqueonproducts.com

Right now one of the Aquatic Experience-Chicago conference sponsors, Aqueon, offers a deluxe aquarium kit to get you setup and on the road to being successful aquarium owners. The kit comes complete with a lighting and filtration system as well as a submersible heater, water conditioner, thermometer, fish food, and net; everything that you need to support a healthy aquatic environment. Aqueon also sells a full line of aquarium plants to decorate and provide habitat for your fish. Plants like anacharis with beautiful light to bright green leaves that not only look good, but also provide nutrient control and oxygen production for your tank.


While Aqueon can get you completely setup and on your way to being great aquarium owners, it is important that you consult with a local aquarium store to decide what type of fish to keep and what potential regional water and temperature issues you might need to contend with in order to maintain a healthy tank. If you need additional guidance or are looking for inspiration from other aquarium owners, keep in touch with us at our blog or on our Facebook page as we are always posting updated information about new products and trends in the industry that you might find useful and interesting.

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