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Top Ten Most Popular Saltwater Fish for Hobbyists

With the huge variety in diverse and beautiful fish available for fish keeping, it can be hard to navigate when making decisions about what to add and keep in your home tank. To help you make smart selections, here are the top ten most popular saltwater fishes in no particular order that professionals and hobbyists recommend:


  • Triggerfish:  These brightly colored fish have sharp outward facing teeth that enable them to eat sea urchins and other invertebrates. With a life span of 2-4 years, they make for very resilient addition to your tank.


  • Angelfish:  Prized for their long angelic structure, angelfish are actually quite sensitive to water issues. They are happy tank mates to a range of other fish and can live up to 20 years long!


  • Clownfish:  Whether a tomato clown, a fire clown, or a different type of the clownfish species, these fish maintain their colors well in captivity and are often the catalyst for fish keeping.


  • Damselfish:  A very hardy species, this type of fish will eat almost any type of food. With their easily adaptable behavior, they make for a good species for any beginning hobbyist.


  • Batfish:  Known for their slow moving and incredible display of fins that resemble the wings of a bat, batfish can grow extremely fast and need plenty of tank room to accommodate their unique shape.


  • Seahorses:  Seahorses are unique and gentle creatures that are a delight to observe. When keeping seahorses, it’s important that they are not placed in proximity to any large, predators. Living off of brine shrimp and small live foods, seahorses add wonder and awe to many aquarium environments.


  • Gobies:  With a specialized pelvic fin, gobies are most often found stuck to rocks and sides of tanks with their suction cup-like extremity. With brilliant colors and a peaceful demeanor, gobies make another great and gentle addition to a tank.


  • Hawkfish:  These bottom dwellers rarely swim more than an inch off the ground and exhibit unusual mannerisms and sometimes predatory behavior. They also showcase incredible speeds and dart around tanks making them fun to observe!


  • Cardinalfish:  Although muted in color and tone, cardinalfish grow to an average of two inches and make great peaceful additions to a captive environment.


  • Blennies:  Small and constantly in motion, blennies house a big attitude in a tiny package. This species of fish is easy to feed and are oftentimes described as secretive, spending most of their time under rocks or hiding from view.

This list is far from comprehensive but a good start for those interested in saltwater aquariums.


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