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Some Commonly Made Beginner Mistakes with a Freshwater Aquarium

By Eric Bodrock / All Oddball Aquatics  

Over stocking

Adding too many fish to a new tank will often cause cloudy  water and possible losses. Start with just a few fish for the first     couple of weeks until the biological system is established.

Over feeding

This will cause cloudy water and increase the chance of ammonia pollution that can kill fish. Best to feed what they can eat in a minute, several times a day. Feed something different each time, this helps to give them a healthy balanced diet.

Wrong types & mix of fish

Only keep fish together that need the same water requirements, such as pH and temperature. Make sure the fish are compatible.     General rules: big fish eat little fish, and some small fish can get  large quickly! Do some research before buying.

Forgetting water changes

Water changes of 25% to 50% every 7 -10 days is the most important thing to do to keep water clean and fish healthy. Just      because water is clear doesn’t mean it’s clean, do your changes!

Over medicating / treating water without cause!

Don’t add anything until you identify the problem. A simple water change often resolves the problem.

Not getting the right information

Find a reliable & knowledgeable source for information. Join a local aquarium society if one is in your area.

Be patient!

Go slow! Watch your aquarium & fishes behavior for problems.

(Eric Bodrock, of All Oddball Aquatics will be speaking at the Aquatic Experience in November.)

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