October 12-13, 2019 | Saturday 10 am - 6 pm | Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

Changes in the Aquatic World & The Power of Your Brand



Steve Lundblad, of The Wet Spot Tropical Fish, will be speaking to retailers during the Aquatic Experience on the issue of branding and what it takes to stand out in the market. His topics include “Repopulating the Past:  Changes in the Aquatic World” and “Being a Specialty Store in a Niche Market: The Power of Your Brand“.


Given the amount of competition within the market, it is important to find new strategies in order to gain brand and marketshare. Steve will provide tips in order to differentiate retailers amongst competitors. He will discuss overcoming common hurdles that retailers face. Discussion will include shifts in the aquatics industry for smaller aquariums with smaller fish, an increased interest in plant based aquariums, request from consumers for better food quality, live food availability, and the influx of new technologies such asLED tank lighting.  In-store strategies that adopt and implement these products can lead to a competitive edge. Adapting to new trends is what can set a retailer apart.


Lundblad will discuss the important of staff knowledge within the store. He will cover topics such as the importance of fish health, fish and plant variety choices, understanding the ecosystems in the tanks,  not selling what shouldn’t be sold.  Additionally, Lundblad will discuss sustainability and how the industry and retailers can encourage sustainable practices through sourcing fish properly, supporting the communities and suppliers of fish, as well as supporting replenishment of fish species.


Steve Lundblad has been in the aquarium industry for over three decades. He has travelled to Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and the great Rift Lakes, Tanganyika and Malawi. His trips have increased his knowledge of fish by observing them in their natural habitat. He operates The Cichlid Exchange Inc., a freshwater wholesale business that is going on 30 years of success. Additionally, he owns the only specialty freshwater fish store in the country, The Wet Spot Tropical Fish, specializing in offering healthy, rare and obscure fish species for 15 years.  He is very active with the American Cichlid Association and is on the Board of Trustees with The Greater Portland Aquarium Society. He believes in promoting this amazing hobby by focusing on quality and healthy fish, which he firmly argues is based on traveling the globe to meet and build healthy relationships with good suppliers.

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