October 12-13, 2019 | Saturday 10 am - 6 pm | Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center


Did you know…

SONY DSCThe average male alligator averages 10 to 15 feet in length and can weigh 1,000 pounds?

The average lifespan of an alligator is 30 to 50 years?

The name alligator come from the Spanish words el lagarto, which means “the lizard,” and is what Spanish explorers called the animals?

There are just two species of alligators – the American and Chinese alligator.

Because their teeth wear down and get replaced, an alligator can go through 2,000-3,000 teeth in a lifetime.

Are you ready to learn more? Gator Encounters, which is sponsored by Aqueon, Coralife and Kentj, is the only mobile alligator experience in the world and will be at the Aquatic Experience Chicago this weekend! Come and get an up-close experience with an Alligator Touch Tank (Yes! You have the chance to touch and hold a live gator!), see the display of adult alligators, and learn more about these fascinating animals at the daily “Gator Talks,” where trained alligator handlers and experts will answer questions, discuss alligators’ survival techniques, adaptations, hunting style and much more.

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