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1st International Shrimp Competition at Aquatic Experience – Chicago


1st International Shrimp Competition at

Aquatic Experience – Chicago

Nov. 4-6, 2016



AE16_Shrimp_SmallThe World Pet Association (WPA) presents the 1st International Shrimp Competition during its fourth annual Aquatic Experience – Chicago, Nov. 4-6, 2016, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. The competition is sponsored by Dennerle, JBJ Lighting and the WPA. Contestants compete in ten categories for $1,000 in prize money and the top Shrimpking Award, and all competitors receive free admission to the Aquatic Experience show floor—experiencing “everything aquatic under one roof,” from saltwater and freshwater fish to marine plants and mammals.


Registrations for the 1st International Shrimp Competition are due by September 30, 2016. For complete contest rules, regulations and registration form, visit www.usashrimpcontest.com. For more information and tickets to Aquatic Experience – Chicago, Nov. 4-6, 2016 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center (1551 Thoreau Drive N, Schaumburg, IL) visit www.aquaticexperience.org.


The 1st International Shrimp Competition will give shrimp breeders the opportunity to share their hobby with the greater public and exhibit different freshwater dwarf shrimp species and color morphs across ten categories. An international jury will judge all entries and winners will be publicly honored on the Aquatic Experience show floor on Saturday, Nov. 5, at 3pm, including the top Shrimpking Award of $500. Additionally, designated competing dwarf shrimp will be included in the raffle being held on the show floor Sunday afternoon for all show attendees.


Aquatic Experience – Chicago is the first show in industry history to combine everything aquatic under one roof, from saltwater and freshwater fish to marine plants and mammals. A thriving show floor of exhibitors showcases the latest in aquatic trends and products, and this year’s educational seminars on hobbyist and retail topics will include: George Blasiola, author of Barron’s New Marine Aquarium Handbook and Koi: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual; Chris Buerner, owner of Quality Marine, the industry’s leading marine ornamental fish importer; Patrick Donston, owner and operator of Absolutely Fish; Barbie Fiorentino, pleco specialist and owner of Aquarium Solutions; Justin Grabel, co-founder of ReefGen; Mike Hellweg, master fish breeder; Michael Johnson, VP of marketing at leading pet industry consultancy Chuck Latham Associates; Sanjay Joshi, LED tank lighting expert and professor of industrial engineering at Penn State University; Lawrence Kent, frequent Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Cichlid News contributor; Oliver Knott, professional aquascaper; Chris Lukhaup, leading freshwater shrimp specialist; Liz Marchio, trained ichthyologist turned social scientist; Joe Olenik, aquatic biologist, owner and operator of Aquarium Architects, LLC; Richard Ross, marine biologist at the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences; Julian Sprung, marine aquarium fishkeeping specialist; Wolfgang Staeck, renowned aquarium fish researcher, biologist and author; and Lynn Switanowski, Creative Business Consulting Group, Pet Association marketing expert.

Show attendees will also experience traveling sea lion experience Sea Lion Splash, sponsored by Aqueon/Coralife/Kent, and see displays of fish from around the world to delight and inspire aquarists of all levels.


Media Partners for Aquatic Experience – Chicago 2016 include: BlueZoo TV, Pet Age, Pet Business, Pet Product News, Reef Builders, Reef Hobbyist Magazine, Reef to Rainforest Media (Amazonas/Coral) and Tropical Fish Hobbyist.


The World Pet Association (WPA) is the oldest industry organization promoting responsible growth and development of the companion pet and related products and services. WPA works to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends. WPA is the host of America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest consumer pet and pet products expo, held annually in Costa Mesa, California. The organization also produces SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show that showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits and offers a variety of informative educational seminars, and Atlanta Pet Fair, the Southeast’s largest competition and trade show for the professional pet stylist. For more information, please visit www.worldpetassociation.org.




Friday 11/4: 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday 11/5: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday 11/6: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


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