October 12-13, 2019 | Saturday 10 am - 6 pm | Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

Proaquatix – a Leading Captive Breeder of Aquacultured Marine Fish

The Aquatic Experience is proud to present Proaquatix, a global supplier of supreme-quality aquacultured marine fish. Headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, Proaquatix is dedicated to providing a steady supply of captive-bred ornamentals, which are hand-selected and graded to guarantee that customers receive only healthy, vibrant, and deformity-free fish. Proaquatix only sells to retailers and wholesalers —not directly to hobbyists. By pursuing an alternative to catching fish in the wild, this innovative company helps to reduce detrimental human impact on ocean reef ecosystems, thus supporting reef conservation and advancing the future of marine aquariums.

Proaquatix raises over 200 different varieties of marine fish, with between 60 and 75 species and color morphs available each week. Currently, this selection includes distinct and in-demand species such as gobies, blennies, 65 varieties of clownfish and designer clownfish, Palometa, Pompano, Lookdowns, Trevally, Cardinals, Dottybacks, Berghia (aiptasia-eating nudibranchs), seahorses and Jack knives—all of which are the product of 100 percent captive breeding. Proaquatix is constantly researching and striving to add new unique species and varieties to its selection.

The Proaquatix production process begins with spawning parents called broodstock. Each spawning fish has been selected for its exquisite beauty and health. Most broodstock are kept as mated pairs in their own separate tanks for maximum comfort. Once the pairs reproduce, their offspring are moved to the hatchery, where they are fed a steady diet of zooplankton until they are able to eat prepared foods. They are then transferred to larger tanks in the grow-out area, where Proaquatix specialists ensure that they remain in optimum health through a rigorous schedule of multiple feedings per day and regular water quality testing. When Proaquatix receives an order, fish are retrieved from the grow-out tanks and individually inspected before being carefully packaged for shipping. As a result of this meticulous breeding and raising process, Proaquatix is able to offer fish with a level of health,   vibrancy, and overall quality that rivals or surpasses any other captive breeder in the world.

Proaquatix’s commitment to world-class, “client-centric” customer service is evident throughout the ordering process. The company offers weekly sales and promotions, free shipping via airlines with minimum orders of $400, a guarantee that fish will be alive upon arrival and for the next 24 hours, flexible price matching, and even subsidized (up to $49.95 per box) FedEx door-to-door overnight shipping for customers who do not wish to use airline cargo. Proaquatix also often includes some free fish with every order! Customers may place orders online through Proaquatix’s user-friendly portal or via email, fax, or even text.

The Proaquatix team is looking forward to showcasing their exhibit at the Aquatic Experience and sharing information about their company and products with attendees. To learn more, visit http://www.proaquatix.com.

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