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2018 Aquatic Competition Winners 


American Cichlid Association
Fish Competition

Sponsored by AqueonDrTim’s Aquatics and Estes’

Class 1: Amphilophus, Large Ex-Cichlasoma & Tomocichla
1st Place : Scott Mclaughlin – Amphilophus citrinellus
2nd Place: Scott Mclaughlin -Amphilophus chancho
3rd Place: Tim Stone -Tomocichla tuba

Class 2: Herichthys, Thorichtthys & Similar
1st Place : Alan Rollings/Karen Haas – Amantitlania sp Honduran Red Point
2nd Place: Austin Johnson – Amantitlania myrnae
3rd Place: Rob Hintze – Amantitlania nanolutea

Class 3: Paratheraps & Similar
1st Place : Austin Johnson – Vieja zonata “ Coatzacoalcos”

Class 4: Parachromis, Nandopsis & Similar
No entries

Class 5: Apistogramma & Similar
1st Place : Scott Mclaughlin – Mikrogeophagus altispinosus
2nd Place: Paul Sherman – Mikrogeophagus ramirezi
3rd Place: Kathleen Muraca – Nannacara anomala

Class 6: Geophagines
1st Place : Andrew Schwartz – Crenicara punctulatum
2nd Place: Alan Rollings/Karen Haas – Geophagus species “ Alto Sinu”
3rd Place: Mike Drawdy – Geophagus winemilleri

Class 7: Acaras & Similar
1st Place: Lisa Hoeber – Cichlasoma Species. “arroyo”

Class 8: Pike Cichlids and All other South America
1st Place: Jason D’Ambrosio – Heros severus
2nd Place: Mike Drawdy – Astronotus ocellatus
3rd Place: Austin Johnson – Heros efasciatus

Class 9: Lake Malawi Mbuna
1st place: Christin Keys – Melanochromis chipokae
2nd Place: Dave & Janine Banks – Pseudotropheus lombardi

Class 10: Lake Malawi Aulonocara
1st Place: Lisa Hoeber – Aulonocara baenschi
2nd Place: Mike Drawdy – Aulonocara sp” Dragon blood”
3rd Place: Mike Drawdy – Aulonocara maylandi

Class 11: Lake Malawi Haplochromis
1st Place: Mike Drawdy – Placidochromis phenichilus
2nd Place: Mike Drawdy – Fossorochromis. rostratus
3rd Place: Mark Denaro – Rhamphochromis species

Class 12: Lake Tanganyika Lamprologus, Julidochromis & Similar
1st Place: Christine Keys – Julidochromis marlieri
2nd Place: Joan Snider – Neolamprologus multifasciatus
3rd Place: Lisa Hoeber – Neolamprologus savoryi

Class 13: Lake Tanganyikan Featherfins & All other Lake Tanganyikans
1st Place: Mike Drawdy – Cyphotilapia frontosa
2nd Place: Alan Rollings/Karen Haas – Eretmodus cyanostictus

Class 14: Chromidotilapiines, Tilapiines & Similar
1st Place: Alan Rollings/Karen Haas – Pelvicachromis silviae
2nd Place: Alan Rollings/Karen Haas – Pelvicachromis silviae
3rd Place: Christine Keys – Steatocranus casuarius

Class 15: Hemichromis, Lamprologus & Similar
1st Place: Andrew Schwartz – Hemichromis species “Blue Neon”

Class 16: Haplochromines ( Lake Victorian Basin)
1st Place: Mike Drawdy – Astaotilapia aeneocolor
2nd Place: Rob Hintze – Pundamilia nyererei
3rd Place: Lisa Hoeber – Astaotilapia aeneocolor

Class 17: Malagasy & Asian
1st Place: Jason D’Ambrosio – Etroplus suratensis
2nd Place: Scott Mclaughlin – Paratilapia polleni
3rd Place: Christine Keys – Ctenochromis oligacanthus

Class 18: Symphysodon ( Discus)
1st Place: Greg Biggiani – Symphysodon
2nd Place; Greg Biggiani – Symphysodon
3rd Place: Greg Biggiani – Symphysodon

Class 19: Pterophyllum ( Angelfish) Pterophyllum
1st Place: Sean McCaughley – Pterophyllum
2nd Place: Mark Denaro – Pterophyllum
3rd Place: Sean McCaughley – Pterophyllum

Class 20: New World Cichlids (Ornamental)
1st Place: Scott Mclaughlin – Flowerhorn
2nd Place: Roman Vasquez – Flowerhorn
3rd Place: Louis Munar – Kamfa flowerhorm

Reserve Best in Show – Scott Mclaughlin – Amphilophus citrinellus

Best in Show – Greg Biggiani – Symphysodon

3rd International Shrimp Contest USA
Sponsored by DennerleJBJ and Shrimp King

Shrimp King winner of $500 and the Shrimp King award went to Jenny Su

People’s Choice winner of $250 and the Best of Show award went to Skyfish

Category 1 Neocaridina all colors
1st          Skyfish
2nd        Lucas Bretz
3rd         Brandon Birdwell

Category 2 Neocaridina ‘Rili’ all colors
1st          Ryan Curtis
2nd        Skyfish
3rd         Ryan Curtis

Category 3 Super Crystal ‘Red’
1st          Skyfish
2nd        Brandon Birdwell
3rd         Feng-Jung Yang

Category 4 Super Crystal ‘Black’
1st          Shan-Cheng Yang
2nd        Vin
3rd         Monique Klaver

Category 5 Red Bee all grades
1st          Mr Ho
2nd        Vin
3rd         Skyfish

Category 6 Black Bee all grades
1st          Feng-Jung Yang
2nd        Feng-Jung Yang
3rd         Shan-Cheng Yang

Category 7 Tiger variants, full color
1st          Carbon Chen
2nd        Erik Lucas
3rd         Grant Eder

Category 8 Tiger variants, spotted/striped
1st          Grant Eder
2nd        Shan-Cheng Yang
3rd         Michal Schonefeld

Category 9 Red Pinto Spotted head/multi striped
1st          Elvis Ha
2nd        Erik Lucas
3rd         Carbon Chen

Category 10 Black Pinto spotted head/multi striped
1st          Skyfish
2nd        Erik Lucas
3rd         Elvis Ha

Category 11 Red Shadow bee classic colors and bee influenced
1st          Feng-Jung Yang
2nd        Carbon Chen
3rd         Skyfish

Category 12 Black shadow bee, classic colors and bee influenced
1st          Carbon Chen
2nd        Vin
3rd         Erik Lucas

Category 13 Blue Bolt/Steel Red bolt/Steel
1st          Skyfish
2nd        Shan-Cheng Yang
3rd         Feng-Jung Yang

Category 14 Fishbone/galaxy Variants
1st          Jenny-Su
2nd        Skyfish
3rd         Jenny Su

Category 15 Crossbreeding focus ‘Color Quality’
1st          Jenny Su
2nd        Skyfish
3rd         Jenny Su

Category 16 Crossbreeding focus ‘Pattern Quality’
1st          Mr Ho
2nd        Jenny Su
3rd         Vin

Category 17 Crossbreeding focus “Innovation”
1st          Vin
2nd        Feng-Jung Yang
3rd         Vin

Aquascaping Live! Contest
Presented by the Aquatic Gardners Association
Sponsored by FLUVAL

Large Tank:
1st Place $1,500.00
1st  Place:  Team Dysfunctional: Jeff Miotke, Rich Valerio, Chuck Branch, Jerry Jobe

2nd Ameriscapers: Jennifer Williams, Nick Kinser, Sebastian Puerto, Paulo Vargas
3rd CAPS: Bailin Shaw, Marvin Lo, Scott Miller, Nate Reeverts

Small Tank:
1st Place: $750.00
1st Place: John Pini
2nd Marvin Lo
3rd Cory Hopkins
4th Han Tran
5th Danny Adams
6th Mike Bernard

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