October 12-13, 2019 | Saturday 10 am - 6 pm | Sunday 10 am - 4 pm
Secaucus, NJ | Meadowlands Exposition Center

Aquatic Experience Raffle Area

Check out the amazing assortment of freshwater and saltwater dry goods, aquariums, accessories and livestock that you can win. Raffle drawings held daily. Tickets are available for purchase during the show hours in the Raffle Area on the show floor and at the information booth located in the show entryway.

All proceeds from the raffle go to the Coral Restoration Foundation, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Committee Council’s Marine Ornamental Defense Fund and Pets in the Classroom.


SATURDAY – 5:30pm
SUNDAY – 2:30pm

Raffle Ticket Pricing
$1.00 = 1-11 Tickets each
$10.00 = 12 Tickets
$20.00 = 26 Tickets
$50.00 = 78 Tickets
$100.00 = 182 Tickets
You must be present to win daily drawings.
Exception: Winners for Fish Around the World display large tanks will be called Sunday. Winners must pick up their tank Sunday evening. Pick up will start at 4pm.

For safety, children under the age of 16 are not allowed on show floor after close of show Sunday at 4pm.

Winners coming back for prize pick up will need to have children waiting out in lobby area with adult supervision.

Thank you to all the exhibitors that donated their products. The list below is a sample of raffle items and even more will be added on show site. Some raffle items may not be available or may be raffled on a specific day so please be sure to check on-site before buying your tickets.

Marineland 180G Complete Aquarium System

Marineland 180G Complete Aquarium System

Marineland 150G Deep Dimension Complete Aquarium System

Marineland 93G Cube Complete Aquarium System

Aqueon 90G Reef Ready Complete Aquarium System

Aqueon 90G Complete Aquarium System

Aqueon 75G Complete Aquarium System

Tamsco Aquarium Tools Tapered Head Coral Cutters

Green Water Aquarist Society One Year Membership

Zoo Med Laboratories Low Boy Frag Tank

Zoo Med Laboratories Aquasun HO LED 36″

Zoo Med Laboratories Med Spirulina 20 Flake Food 5 lb Bucket

Prodibio Biokit Reef

Prodibio Biokit Fresh

Prodibio Start Up

Prodibio Chloral Reset

Prodibio Pure Ocean

Prodibio Aquagrowth Soil

Prodibio Bacterkit Soil

CerMedia MarinePure BioFilter Media

Mar-Qui Driftwood mounted on Slate

Amazonas magazine Subscription

Coral magazine Subscription

Pecan Grove Solutions Reef Scape Model Series (Clownfish Pair)

Hikari Cichlid Prepack

Hikari Marine Prepack

Hikari Freshwater Prepack

Hydor H2shOw Volcano

Hydor Aqamai KPS wi-fi Pump

Hydor H2shOw My-Aquarium

Hydor H2shOw Gems

Aquatic Life Inline DI Resin Cartridge

Aquatic Life Classic DI Filter

Aquatic Life 3-Stage 100GPD RO Unit

Aquatic Life Inline DI Resin Cartridge

Aquatic Life 4-Stage 100GPD RO/DI Unit

Aquatic Life Mini Protein Skimmer

Chemi-pure Freshwater and Marine Packages

Rod’s Food Multipacks

My Aquarium Box Freshwater

My Aquarium Box Cichlid

My Aquarium Box Saltwater

Dr. Tim’s Aquatics Aquarium Starter Kits (freshwater and marine)

Seapora Storm SP-1 Protein Skimmer 

Tropic Marin USA Syn-Biotic SeaSalt 

Universal Rocks Reef Ready A-round Nature Tank 

Universal Rocks Crevice Style Background 

Universal Rocks Holey Rock 

Nutramar Foods/Quality Marine Fish and Coral Foods, T-Shirts 

Aquascape Inc. Aquatic Patio Pond Kit 

Aqua-Tech Co. SR Aquaistik Speed Test 

Reef Nutrition/Reed Mariculture Full set of Reef Nutrition Products 

Reef Nutrition/Reed Mariculture Set of Reef Nutrition Most Popular Products 

Reef Nutrition/Reed Mariculture Set of TDO ChromaBOOST 

Python Products HOOK 

Python Products Water Treatments 

Python Products Gravel Cleaners 

Project Piaba Amazon Adventures Book 

Project Piaba Aquarium Fish Carvings 

Xzotic Aquatic World 20x20x20 Deep Blue 35 Gallon Cube Rimless Reef Tank with stand


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